Keep your web project dependencies under control

These days almost any project we work on relies on dependencies (sometimes too many) on which we need to keep our eyes on. In general - in particular for big projects - can become a challenge to keep things under control as the projects evolve over time. If we consider the most common needs for web development we know that we need to have a good number of libraries and frameworks around.

Device Emulation with Google Chrome Dev/Canary

This week, after seeing a snapshot that my friend ‘led’ posted on Facebook about some mobile tests for one of his projects, I’ve noticed about a certain device emulation feature on Chrome developer tools. Hum…. that is interesting.

Handling ASP.NET PostBacks with URL Rewriting

Recently a collegue develop crossed with this strange error Validation of viewstate MAC failed… when posting a contacts form. Strangely the error only happened when using the re-written url off the contacts page (contacts/), calling contacts.aspx directly worked flawlessly.

The best web application framework utopia

Many times I found IT professionals, in particular programmers, arguing about what is the best technology to adopt for a certain project or for all projects for a specific company. As a web developer with several years getting the hands dirty with .NET development I found myself frequently observing (or getting in to) discussions about the subject. I really try to avoid to get in the middle… Ok! Not really :P