The best web application framework utopia

Many times I found IT professionals, in particular programmers, arguing about what is the best technology to adopt for a certain project or for all projects for a specific company. As a web developer with several years getting the hands dirty with .NET development I found myself frequently observing (or getting in to) discussions about the subject. I really try to avoid to get in the middle… Ok! Not really :P

The truth is that, most of the time, is hard to move away without throwing our own perspective. I did that the past and I admit that I was a bit fundamentalist defending my own perspective.

Discussions like “what is best PHP or ASP.NET?” are as common as useless.

The more I learn the more I say that all technologies, in this case web frameworks, have pro’s and conn’s and that we must choose the best having the focus on the task and on the result we want to achieve.

For me ASP.NET is the best (continue reading please)

Naturally because is the one I use every day. I’ve already tried others like Java or PHP but I really like the way we can develop everything using a great IDE like Visual Studio and all the nice features that .NET ecosystem (web, desktop, services, etc) delivers. I love C# and with .NET I can do almost everything, core and services, with it.

So what is the best one?

The are so many of them, use the one that serves you better. The most used (Perl, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, CFML, ASP, ASP.NET, etc) have great projects and platforms well known by everyone, so if a great project is using a certain technology and it works the way it is suppose to then is using the right technology, not necessarily the best but certainly the one that performs the job.

A simple equation:

secure + cost effective + well documented + well supported + good performance + flexible/extensible = the right choice

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